At Lancs Local we know that you know your business inside out. You have built it from the ground up and all of your products are lovingly created. What you may not know, is exactly how to get your product into the shops you want to sell it in, or where to go next with your business plan.

Where can I go next with my business?

If this is what you’re asking, you need our resident business development manager. Sarah has 20 years experience in the retail industry, specifically taking gift products to market. This experience of working with vast numbers of small businesses has given her an eye for opportunity and innumerable ideas. Sarah has an in depth understanding of how to get products into shops, hundreds of business contacts and an ability to spot niches and next steps for service as well as product businesses..
Sarah will take time to research your business and the relevant sector before your one to one call (or in person meeting when allowed). She will talk you through all the options and strategies applicable to you, with tonnes of instantly useable tips and plans. She will follow your call up with a written document outlining everything you’ve discussed, with follow up support if required.
So if you are a business owner wanting to take your business to the next level and would like some guidance on strategy in this area then get in touch using the form below!
how do I get my product into shops

What have people said about working with Sarah?

How does it work?

Complete the form below with as much detail as possible and Sarah will arrange a time to phone you. Before your call Sarah will research your business, your industry and available opportunities – spending up to 3 hours ensuring she is armed and ready to help you as much as possible to successfully get your product into your retail sector!
Once you have arranged a call ensure that you have 1.5-2 hours free as the call will go into depth about your business, your needs and what you need to do to grow your business with confidence!
After your phone call Sarah will email you a document outlining everything discussed in your call so you have it available and to hand as you take those all important next steps in your business.
Please see pricing below. If you’re a Lancs Local business partner this is a free service.


Initial Consultation

Includes preparation for phone meeting, phone call, and post call overview document

– £95 –

Follow Up Support

Any follow up help, to include research time, consultations and added follow up time.

– £25ph –

If you’d like to find out how Sarah can help you get your product to market just fill in this form and she will get back to you ASAP.