GUEST BLOG WITH GIVEAWAY! Scally Wags: Baby and Toddler Clothing

Here is the very first in our Lancs Local Guest Blog + Giveaways! We will be regularly showcasing businesses and offering giveaways with each one.
Our first showcase is the lovely Scally Wags in Clitheroe. Read to the bottom for their links and to find out how to enter their fab giveaway!
Lockdown has been tough; 3 of them, with kids! Congratulations to all the parents and carers of small children who have kept them busy day in, day out. It’s been weird not really having anything to get them dressed up for, usually we like to get them looking super cute for a play date at soft play, or a morning out at toddler group but it’s been a bit of a case of “all dressed up and nowhere to go.” But there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and as the country opens up you can show off your little beauties who you’ve had to keep home and safe for so long. They’re going to have a blast… and get very messy and mucky at every opportunity – just as they should! What you need is clothing that is cute but hard wearing; looks good and feels good and is practical and comfy whilst showing your kiddo’s fab personality.

Scally Wags Mum and Daughter Team

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We have carefully selected our 100% organic pieces to help their little adventures start; from splashing in puddles, climbing trees, being covering in mud or just  – well let’s face it – falling into a well deserved nap because when you’re learning at a million miles an hour even going nowhere is exhausting! 
We understand how delicate your little one’s skin is, especially as we all naturally become more aware of our environments and health, and that’s why our clothing will be kind on their skin. I know myself only too well the importance of selecting the right garment. I’ve suffered from eczema from an early age and only with educating myself on what works best on my skin can I use this knowledge when selecting Scallywags pieces, so you know our products are picked based on our genuine care for skin. We always select gender neutral pieces because who are we to decide whether a girl likes unicorns more than boys, or boys are wilder than girls? Or vice versa! With the high quality of the materials, they will they also last to pass down to smaller friends and siblings, with this in mind our designs have a timeless appeal and a simple colour palette, so no disagreements on being too pink or blue here! 
The environment is so important to us, which is why we pick materials based on longevity. When you shop with Scallyways, you are also investing in water conservation, cleaner air, better soil, and improved conditions for farmers. Unfortunately we haven’t created a bumper sticker for this yet but it’s a pretty cool ethos to believe in! 
As a Mother and Daughter team we understand that children should be happy, free and always on their best adventure whilst looking the part – just as I did when I was just a tot and dressed from the original Scallywags that was mum’s vision. Through our own love of the outdoors, born through our life in the Ribble Valley, we have a strong vision of what footprint we want to strive towards. We believe clothing doesn’t have to cost the Earth by price, environment or parent’s patience.
You can smile happily knowing any design you choose with Scallywags will be countryside, supermarket, playtime, tantrum time, meal time and mostly importantly family approved. 


Aryam from Scally Wags would like to offer a whopping £10 off any purchase to a lucky winner! All you need to do is check out Lancs Local on Social Media on Friday 12th March and follow the instructions!

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