Fun Lockdown Activities for the Whole Family

I know it’s not normal to spend this much time with your family. I know (I REALLY know) that your partner’s chewing is driving you mad, that school is expecting you to run 2 classes for different aged kids simultaneously ALL DAY whilst also managing a toddler and working from home 8 hours a day (HA!). I know that your kids will drive you mad a lot and that all you want is to pretend you’re 18 and go raving with your mates, be totally and utterly irresponsible and answer to nobody for 24 hours. I’m sorry that’s not possible right now (but I’m THERE when it is!). I know that you’re drained and it feels relentless and never-ending, but remember that we really are all in this together, and flipping Suzy the school mum who is juggling everything totally harmoniously and CHERISHING EVERY MOMENT is probably no fun on a night out so we’ll leave her at home when the time comes, and it WILL come.
Until that most magnificent of nights – where the club scene realises they need to totally change their marketing because nobody can drink and rave quite like a woman who’s been locked up with 3 kids for a year – until then, here are some activities that just may help with family harmony and your sanity.

Wine tasting experience

Order 4-6 bottles of wine and arrange a night with some friends on zoom. Create a “wine tasting skillz” form as below. Wrap every bottle in paper so you can’t cheat. Drink the wine (spit if you wish, I’m not one to judge), fill in the form and see who gets most points as checked on the back label/internet. I don’t think a prize is necessary as you’ve already awarded yourself several bottles of wine, so literally everyone is a winner!
I highly recommend you buy your wine from Fullaloves, our members get 10% off boxes of 6 adn 12 wines, they deliver locally for free, and they can advise you on the best wines for the game without judgement and they’re top people.

Corner Shop Come Dine With Me

Either pit kids against adults, girls against boys, team mum vs team dad or could even make it a zoom comp against another family. Each team has a small budget (£10-£20) to go to the nearest corner shop and buy ingredients for a lavish (?) 3 course meal for everyone to enjoy. Obviously you can only go to the shop one at a time so choose who goes very wisely – don’t let the 7 year old loose in there with £20, you can’t create a 3 course meal with 200 bags of haribo. Create the delicious meal for everyone and score each other. I’m going to put a new rule to this one as there’s extenuating circumstances; the wine/beer doesn’t need to be included in the budget.
If everyone involved is adults, you can mix this up by making it a Cocktail Mixing come dine with me. Get your Gin from Wild Fox Distillery as they offer 10% off to Lancs Local members, they are local, they are artisan and they are full of personality. Say hi to Lizzie from me!

Matching Mug Making!

Anyone else drinking a lot of brews? While away some time making matching mugs from Fired 4 U. Your ceramics can be delivered to your home with everything you need to create your masterpieces and then sent back to be glazed. They hold a whole pint of coffee, so that should get you through to 9am…

Love Mugs!

The Ice Rescue Challenge

This one’s for little kids. This was my favourite until the 5 year old “helped” the 3 year old by stabbing his ice so hard she cut his favourite toy dinosaur, and he declared that he is never ever ever ever EVER going to play it again. So now I have to find another activity that keeps a 1 year old, 3 year old and 5 year old busy while I make tea. Haha, who am I kidding? I’ll just go back to TV time obviously. My smug mum opportunity lasted all of 2 days. Anyway, for this one you just get a container and put loads of plastic toys in there. Freeze it overnight and then get all dramatic about the toys needing rescuing. If they’re anything like mine they’ll try actual toy superheroes to get them out first, then Elsa (Ice Queen? Makes perfect sense). Then when they start losing interest you can drip feed the warm water and stabbing options.

Quiz Night

These are actually really fun when done right and you’ll be amazed how much the teenagers get involved, even more so when they’re beating you. The great thing about quizzes is that you can log into them with family and friends across the country, so even though you can’t see them in person you can still have fun with them! I recommend The Stay Inn Quizz with local entertainer Phil Todd – get your tickets from and check out the facebook page for more details.

Let us know what your favourite lockdown activities are in the comments, and send over some photos to social media if you try any of the above!

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