Top 5 reasons to Shop Local in Lancashire

Support independent sellers

When shopping locally, you are supporting independent sellers who work day and night to exceed their customers’ expectations and provide the best product they can, as well as supporting a craft carefully learnt and honed by someone who is passionate about what they do.

Buy Bespoke

Most products from small businesses are handmade, one-off, or bespoke, which means that you’ll get a totally unique product that no-one else has. Independent businesses bring originality and variety to consumers and shun the copy-cat culture of large chain shops which sell hundreds of thousands of the same products.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Buying from large online corporations means that you are supporting a supply-chain which relies on mass transportation of goods; so great, you might get your product within 24 hours, but it’s travelled hundreds of miles to get to you, and lets be honest, that’s not good for the environment. Likewise, buying from local greengrocers, farms shops and bakers ensures that you’re purchasing in-season produce that’s more likely to be sourced from local farmers and other food producers, so you’re supporting a shorter ‘field to fork’ journey.

Personalised customer service

Small business owners care. They care that you enjoy their product, and they care that you are happy with their product too, so you won’t find better customer service elsewhere. You won’t be restricted to silly customer service opening times, long queues on the phone, or unanswered emails either, because it’s in the best interest of the small business to help you, and they truly do want to help.

Support the local economy

Small business owners are more likely to purchase local services and products, so when you support local, the local economy benefits too. Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally; creating two out of every three new jobs, which is great for the local economy and raises the standard of living for everyone in the community.


About Lancs Local

Lancs Local is a discount digital membership card which provides offers and discounts with a huge variety of local to Lancashire small businesses. On top of this, members get free access to Lancs Local Plus with discounts on hundreds of national days out, theme parks, tech, and retailers.

Lancs Local support their business partners through advice, negotiating discounts on services, affordable training, free networking events and targeted marketing to customers. Participating businesses are promoted on the Lancs Local social media channels and invited to join the Lancs Local Legends community which offers a place to share best practice and enable similar businesses to cross-sell products to a wider range of customers through successful collaborations.

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